Project Title: The French Lavrion Mines Wharf 

Scientific Responsible: EVAGGELOS SAPOUNTZAKIS, Professor

Funded by: Municipality of Lavreotiki

Description: The object of the project is the model study of all the technological parameters of the French Lavrion Mines Ladder integrated into the broader network of Lavreotiki and the Aegean mines to which it belongs.

The research involved experts in the fields of statics, anti-seismic research, urban planning, construction, monument restoration, photogrammetry, metal structures, soil engineering and electromechanics. The following Laboratories of NTUA participated:

  • Laboratory of Structural Analysis and Anti-seismic Research, School of Civil Engineering (Prof. Sapountzakis J. Evangelos)
  • Urban Environment Lab, School of Architecture (Associate Prof. Nikolaos Belavilas)
  • Laboratory of Structure, School of Architecture (Prof. Irene Efesiou)
  • Laboratory of Photogrammetry, School of Rural and Surveying Engineering (Prof. Andreas Georgopoulos)
  • Institute of Steel Structures, School of Civil Engineering (Prof. Charalampos Gantes)
  • Laboratory of Soil Mechanics, School of Civil Engineering (Prof. M. Kavvadas)
  • Laboratory of Dynamics and Structures, Department of Mechanical Design & Automatic Control, School of Mechanical Engineering (Prof. Ioannis Antoniadis)
  • Postgraduate Program “Protection of Monuments” – Division A: “Conservation and Restoration of Historic Buildings and Sites” (Prof. Irene Efesiou, Associate Prof. Nikolaos Belavilas)